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Hi Andrew,

Hmm.. interesting and unconventional way of looking at businesses. I agree that this is an era of massive change and if we don't embrace that, we will be left behind in the blink of an eye.

One of my favourite quotes:
" Change is automatic, progess is not."

The distinction is of course that progress is a deliberate creation towards the betterment of something.

Keep up the good work!


Jason Tay

One of the all time prime motivators for progress in the technological and organisation management fields has always been wars - in a world where we are constantly trying to convince ourselves that we're a civilised and advanced people, the challenge is keeping up a similar level of progress in the new issues we say really matter, like quality of life for all, making technology accessible to more, etc., etc. WITHOUT the need for a war to move things along.

In addition, the pace of advancement is always dictated by the military, much later declassified and then finally applied for the benefit of peaceful use. How about doint it the other way around for a change? All it takes is commitment.

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